Total Disregard for the Rule of Law


Hi Gabfest,

I thought you might be interested in some data on how often you interrupt each other—I am a massive fan of the podcast (in fact this is the podcast that got me started listening to podcasts in the first place), but in a feminist rage in 2016 I became fed up with how often I felt like David was interrupting Emily. So being the massive dork that I am, I thought I would collect some data on this to confirm my perceptions, and then write a blog post, go viral, get rich and famous, etc.

So from June 2016 to June 2017 (for 55 episodes), every week I listened to the episodes in front of my computer and noted each interruption using a simple program I wrote in R. After a year of data collection, I did some basic analysis and found that, actually, Emily is the greatest interrupting offender (as she correctly said this week).

With my feminist rage undermined and my general inability to follow through on personal projects, I never wrote the blog post or got rich and famous. But I thought at least you could have a laugh about what I found.Here’s some more detail (a quick report with figures in the attached):

– Ignoring interruptions on/by guests to the podcast:    

– Emily performs nearly half of all interruptions in the podcast    

– Both John and Emily interrupt David the most often, and David interrupts John the most often    

– Emily has the highest average # of interruptions per episode, and John’s rate is less than half of hers – Including interruptions on/by guests to the podcast, guests are only responsible for 4% of all interruptions and the Gabfest crew don’t interrupt guests nearly as often as each other. Guests also interrupt David the most often.

Thanks to you all for making my favorite podcast, and sorry to David for my misguided ire—you’ve been the victim all along.

All the best,

Lindsay Lee (Nashville, TN)


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