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Amazon’s Echo Dot line has always stood out as an affordable smart speaker option. With the built-in Alexa Virtual Assistant, you can use voice commands to ask her to play music and podcasts, save reminders, read the day’s news, speak the weather forecast, and ask her questions about a variety of topics. It can also be used to control other smart devices in the house, such as light bulbs.

Currently, the most affordable product in the line is the 3rd generation Echo Dot. It’s very compact compared to newer models, yet still delivers a complete smart speaker experience, complete with all the Alexa features and audio quality good enough for you to listen to music and podcasts. It is worth taking advantage of the current value, which is one of the lowest recently practiced by Echo Dot.

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    About Echo Dot 3

  • The Echo Dot is Amazon’s most popular smart speaker model, precisely because it’s cheap and has great quality. It is small and light, with dimensions of just 37 mm x 124 mm x 124 mm and weight of 300 grams. All control of the device is done via voice commands, with Alexa responding promptly. In addition to calling and sending messages to whoever you want without having to touch your cell phone, with it you can control compatible smart home devices, such as lamps, vacuum cleaners, TVs and thermostats.

    Echo Dot also plays your music, being compatible with streaming services like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer. Just say the command to Alexa and start enjoying your favorite songs. You can also ask a variety of questions for the assistant to answer, and perform tasks such as creating alarms, shopping lists, managing events, reading news, checking the weather, and much more.

    The speaker has four long-range microphones, so Alexa hears her voice while away, in another room in the house. You can also connect Echo Dot to other speakers via Bluetooth or the 3.5mm audio cable. It is also possible to have more than one Echo device in the same home or office, synchronizing the devices to work together, making the environment even smarter.

      Buy the Echo Dot 3 for R$ 300, | 05x of R$ 21,89

      Echo Dot 4 and Echo 4 are also on sale

    The New Echo Dot has a different format, but it keeps everything that made the devices Amazon smarts a hit. It features a new front-facing audio design that promises to deliver deeper sound and a superior experience when listening to music, podcasts and whatever else you want to hear. Even so, it remains small in size and can be easily placed anywhere in the house that has access to a power outlet and Wi-Fi.

    With quality of the superior sound in this new model, it becomes an even more interesting option for those who want to have a quality speaker at home. Just leave it on in a corner, always ready to hear your music request and start playing. It is one of Amazon’s most popular products precisely because it brings a great cost-benefit ratio for those looking to start making their home smarter and having more devices connected.

    This new version it also has a clock model, which is great for those who want a bedside device. It has the same sound quality as the conventional model and full compatibility with Alexa. Its differential is a display that is always showing the time on the front. For those who want a more complete audio experience, you can opt for Novo Echo, which is also cheaper on Amazon.

  • Buy Echo Dot 4 for R$ 330,49 | 05x of R$ 10,

      Buy the Echo Dot 4 with Clock for R$ 426,37 | 05x of R$ 21,30

      Buy the Echo 4 for R$ 569, | 05x of R$ 30,89

    Echo Show is an option with screen

    One of the most advanced models in the line, the Echo Show is a smart display as it offers more than just a smart speaker: it it also has a touchscreen with which the user can interact. It’s 5.5 inches on Echo Show 5, 8 inches on Echo Show 8 and so on and the idea is that you, in addition to organizing your daily life with Alexa for that, can also have fun with content that requires a screen .

    Echo Show allows you to check the lyrics of songs while listening to them, watch important news of the day, sports highlights, short series and movies, and be able to make video calls with friends and relatives. Services such as YouTube can be accessed through the system browser. The device is also able to connect with other Echos distributed around the house.

    Buy Echo Show 5 for R$ 474, | 05x of R$ 21,41

  • Buy Echo Show 8 for R$

    ,62 | 05x of R$ 43,55

    Buy the Echo Show for BRL 1.569, | 05x of BRL 124,70

  • Echo Studio is the premium model and is also cheaper

    Made for those who want a smart assistant inside a great sound box, Echo Studio plays music or whatever else you want all through five speakers that deliver powerful bass, dynamic mids and crisp highs. It’s for those who really want the best possible audio quality on a device with the built-in Alexa assistant.

    There are three speakers for the midrange (two pointed to the side and one up), a tweeter dedicated to the highs (also on the side) and a woofer of 5,21 inches pointed downward. The whole set delivers 330 watts of power, working with Dolby Atmos to match the sound quality to any environment, distributing the audio evenly wherever it is placed.

    Buy Echo Studio for R$1.331, | 2x R$ 124,124

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