The Future of Apartments and the Smart Building Landscape | WiredScore’s Arie


This week on the IoT For All Podcast, WiredScore Founder and CEO Aerie Barendrecht joins us to talk about the smart building space and what we can expect to see from the commercial and residential buildings of the future. Aerie starts us off by sharing a quick history on smart building certification and the challenges that WiredScore was founded to solve, beginning with a pretty consumer-focused need for visibility into building capabilities for things like connectivity. Aerie also shares his definition of what a smart building actually is and how he expects that definition to change as technology and demand evolves; he speaks to his experience in the space and how he’s seen the smart building landscape change; and, finally, Aerie shares what incentives he sees really pushing the market at large toward smart building adoption.

Arie Barendrecht is the Founder and CEO of WiredScore, a platform that has been evaluating internet connectivity in office buildings and multifamily real estate to help tenants since 2013. He is passionate about making it easier for people to access the internet. At WiredScore, Arie helps building owners to improve leasing by giving prospective tenants a detailed snapshot of available connectivity and ensuring that tenants of all shapes and sizes can find the best buildings to meet their tech needs.

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About WiredScore: WiredScore is the organization behind the WiredScore and SmartScore certifications: the internationally recognized digital connectivity and smart building rating systems for real estate, helping landlords design and promote buildings with powerful digital connectivity and smart capabilities.

Key Questions and Topics from this Episode:

(01:00) Introduction to Arie

(01:56) Introduction to WiredScore and what is the SmartScore Certification?

(08:10) What does the landscape for this vertical look like?

(12:32) What is a smart building? Do you differentiate between a smart building and a connected building?

(15:47) How can a building be future-proofed? What does the office of tomorrow look like?

(18:23) How do you gauge the security level of a building?

(22:41) What connectivity issues has the pandemic exposed? How has that affected business for you?

(28:04) What kind of challenges have you seen companies encounter while trying to develop and attain their smart building goals?


– You are listening to the IoT For All Media Network.

– [Ryan] Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of the IoT For All podcast on the IoT For All Media Network. I’m your host, Ryan Chacon one of the co-creators of IoT For All. Now, before we jump into this episode, please don’t forget to subscribe on your favorite podcast platform or join our newsletter at to catch all the newest episodes as soon as they come out. Before we get started if any of you out there are looking to enter the fast growing and profitable IoT market, but don’t know where to start, check out our sponsor Leverege’s IoT solutions development platform, which provides everything you need to create turnkey IoT products that you can white label and resell under your own brand. To learn more, go to that’s So without further ado, please enjoy this episode of the IoT For All podcast. Welcome Arie to the IoT For All show. How are things going on your end?

– [Arie] Things are going well, really nice to meet you and thank you kindly for having me on the show. Excited to be here.

– [Ryan] Absolutely. I think it’s going to be a great conversation. I wanted to start off by having you quickly introduce yourself to our audience, tell them anything, you know, on regarding your background experience that you think would be interesting and exciting to get a better sense of who we’re listening to.

– [Arie] Yes, of course. So I am the founder and CEO of WiredScore for those that haven’t heard of us, we are the world’s leading certification company for in-building technology. What that means is we assess and improve digital connectivity and smart technology within homes and offices around the world. The easiest analog for the uninitiated is probably the sustainability certifications that have been around for a couple of decades. That many people will be familiar with, Lead certification being the largest in north America. We follow a similar model to Lead, but we focus on in-building tech. And so we use that category that, that term in-building tech to talk about digital connectivity and smart tech.

– [Ryan] So tell me a little bit more about kind of what that certification looks like. I know you have a global certification called smart score, and there is a, you know, you guys just recently launched WiredScores North America home. Can you tell me a little bit about the certification kind of the purpose of it, and then also I’d be curious to hear about the backstory of why you founded the company, what opportunity you saw and kind of the fit it has within the market.

– [Arie] Definitely. Why don’t I start as, as some stories do from the beginning and, and proceed from there and I can also talk a little bit about why I think this is such an interesting and important time in the world of in-building tech, but the company was founded, I founded it back in 2013 and originally created it from one pretty simple, ‘Aha’ I guess, which is that now more than ever we’re depending on technology to communicate with the world around us, to remove friction from our lives and to access better experiences, but pre WiredScore, it was basically impossible to evaluate or choose space, whether it’s in an office lease or an apartment that you’re looking to rent based on its technology offering. That was, you know, you’re basically constantly rolling the dice in those basic decisions that, that the tech is going to be suitable for your needs. And that seemed to me in 2013, seemed to be a massive problem. Like connectivity and, and tech driven user experience, shouldn’t be this kind of occasional luxury, if you’re lucky enough to find it. It’s so important to everything we do. It’s so foundational to our lives, that we should be able to have data and transparency into which places have the best technology, so we can make better decisions. And so that, that kind of realization birthed the concept of WiredScore, which is really a simple rating system that aims to bring transparency and clarity to which buildings offer great connectivity and smart tech and which ones don’t so that people can make better decisions about leasing, renting, or buying. And as part of, of creating and rolling out this rating system now internationally, we ultimately want to drive improvements in the built world. We want to, we want to see a better connected and smarter future and believe that through a certification platform, we can not just bring transparency to the real estate ecosystem, but also give landlords and developers, the people responsible for our buildings, a roadmap, and a playbook for building and operating well connected and smart buildings. And that’s what we aim to do.

– [Ryan] Okay so you all are not just going in after the fact and providing a, kind of a score certification for their building, but you’re also providing the guidance on how to achieve certain scores and kind of the best practices for these or these buildings to, to achieve kind of a score that will help them drive business, in a sense.

– [Arie] That’s exactly right. So, so really broadly we have, we have two main products. We have WiredScore, which is a connectivity certification for both office buildings and multifamily buildings so for commercial or residential. And then we have smart score, a smart tech certification for office buildings. And-

– [Ryan] Okay so what’s the difference…


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