The August issue of Northforker magazine celebrates creativity


Artist Cindy ease Roe on the cover of the August issue, photographed by David Benthal and given a fresh look from painter Verona eñalba.

As a rule, I am anti-exclamation point.

This is a hard thing to be in 2021, but know that if you receive a note from me, I’ve probably edited myself (it’s what I do, after all) and removed, Coco Chanel-style, at least one exclamation mark to seem more measured about whatever topic is at hand. 

Then came the Creativity Issue. The moment we set our theme, the fun started.

There is so much creative energy on the North Fork that our biggest problem was narrowing down our subjects. Rainbow cookie cosmic brownies! Beer inspired by tiki drinks! Rosé infused with tea! An enchanted garden! Painting! Drawing! Sculpture made from beach debris! Each new photo by photographer David Benthal and design by art director Wendy Scofield was so eye-popping that I lost all control of my exclamations. Just wow! 

This is the creative process of making a print magazine, a medium that I believe has special power even — perhaps especially? — in our digital age.

The North Fork is all about tactile arts, from farming and gardening to cooking and winemaking. Our neighbors build handcrafted boats, furniture, sculpture, candles, chocolates.

So I like to think it’s fitting that in addition to a website, newsletters, podcasts and social media feeds, we also make a magazine you can hold in your hands.

And I’m grateful for each of the sponsors and readers who make that effort possible. 

We hope the Creativity Issue inspires you too, and that you have even a fraction of the fun reading it that we had creating it. 


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