The 8 Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Must Listen To To Be Successful


We are living a unique moment in content development, where audio is becoming the most useful tool to connect with both customers and brands. We can almost say that audio is killing the videostar (Remember that song from The Buggles from the 80s?).


The podcast industry has found a great home in Latin America, probably as a legacy of the broad radio culture of the region. According to a July 2021 study by HubSpot, Mexico is the second country in the world with podcast listeners in the world, while Brazil and Colombia complete the representation of the region in the Top15 of the study.

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This same study showed that people’s interest due to the change in listening habits led to more podcasts appearing, which increased to more than 400% in Spanish and Portuguese as of November 2020.

Why is the audio format growing? According to the study The State of the Podcast Universe 2020 , this format allows people on the move or with some visual or hearing impairment to have access to information and make their life easier. Additionally, distribution and hosting platforms charge very low prices.

With this in mind, I bring you 8 free podcasts in Spanish for entrepreneurs that you can listen to to learn something more and grow your business while driving, exercising or relaxing.

The 8 podcasts that every entrepreneur should listen to

1. Supracortical , with Rafael López “Rafarrufus”  

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  • What it’s about: This show explores people’s emotions to understand how madness actually runs into everyday life.
  • Why you should listen to it: Emotional intelligence is often not part of an entrepreneur’s concerns, but as a leader, you must be able to identify what you feel and why, now more than ever.
  • My favorite episode: D isminuye your anxiety

2. The Podcash , with Luis Miguel Altamirano

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  • What it’s about: Do you want to learn how to invest and have true control of your finances? This podcast is for you.
  • Why you should listen to it: This program usually has guest experts on various financial topics and touches on current issues that really concern Latin American entrepreneurs.
  • My Favorite Episode: Cryptocurrencies: Community Doubts with Crypto Culture

3. Business between diapers , with Paola Elízaga

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  • What it’s about: The adventures and difficulties faced by business women in the Latino culture, as well as the creation of supportive communities among female entrepreneurs.
  • Why you should listen to it: Women face very unique obstacles in taking their businesses to the next level, among cultural expectations, such as the financial challenges of any business. If you are an entrepreneur, this podcast is a must. If you have an entrepreneur in your life, this podcast is necessary for you to understand her experience.
  • My Favorite Episode: Three Jobs That Will Give You High Flexibility to Enjoy Your Mommy Life

4. Economics for newbies , with Anna Chesa Llorens

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  • What it’s about: Financial education has never been a fundamental part of the Latin American curriculum (although it should be). In this podcast they explain in a simple way the basic concepts that we all should have learned at the time.
  • Why you should listen to it: It’s never too late to learn and plug those knowledge gaps! It may be sad, but the truth is that we all need to know some basic concepts. This podcast quickly explains all the terms that you are sure to hear on the news and know. I know it has helped me.
  • My Favorite Episode: Interest and Exchange Rate

To know more: 7 podcasts that will help you understand economics and finance (even if you are not good with numbers)

5. The morning coffee , from Spotify México and Reforma

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  • What it is about: It is a podcast in daily format (short) with Paulina Chavira and Alfredo Lecona who in 30 minutes or less explain the world events at the start of the day.
  • Why you should listen to it: A good entrepreneur knows what is happening in the world and the human stories behind the numbers.
  • My Favorite Episode: Job Stress? This coffee is for you

6. TED en Español , with Gerry Garbulsky

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  • What it’s about: It’s the audio version of the most popular TED Talks in Spanish.
  • Why you should listen to it: These are short episodes with world leaders sharing their experiences, failures and lessons with the guiding voice of Gerry Garbulsky, curator of TED en Español.
  • My favorite episode: How lucky we are to have arrived here and now | Leonora Milan Faith

7. Entrepreneurs , with Alejandro Salomon and Rodrigo Navarro

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  • What it’s about: Casual, uncensored conversations about business and finance.
  • Why you should listen to it: This podcast is quite fun because of its saucy and close language that touches on current issues such as the NFTs, Elon Musk, the best investments and even how to become a politician in Mexico (if that is something that interests you).

8. Lana and podcast , with Sonia Sánchez-Escuer

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  • What it’s about: Another podcast about finances, but this one also has an angle on the mindset and attitude with which we grow up towards money.
  • Why you should listen to it: This show has specialized guests and not only touches on economic topics, but also related to professional development and the art of being human beings with different needs and how these are reflected in our portfolios.
  • My Favorite Episode: Scarcity Scars

What other podcast did I miss or do you recommend? Give me your suggestions on my social networks!


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