Shane Todd: ‘I love being on stage… it’s just a more extreme version of me’


HE’S in the middle of a Shane reaction! Comedian Shane Todd has never been busier juggling everything from podcasts to radio shows — as well as being a new dad.

ut for the next two Saturdays he is set to perform his biggest stand-up shows ever at Belfast’s SSE Arena.

It will cap off a roller-coaster couple of years for the Holywood man who became a father in lockdown and has seen his career reach new heights at the same time.

He told Sunday Life: “I never played it before — these two shows will be the biggest I’ve ever done.

“And I thankfully get more excited than nervous for those kinds of experiences now.

“I still definitely will have nerves on the night, I think it would be strange and I’d be worried if I didn’t.

“But this will be the biggest audience I’ve ever performed to. The Waterfront is 2,000, so you are well above that with the SSE shows.


Shane Todd is set to play his biggest gigs ever at Belfast’s SSE Arena

“But the good thing is the way they set up the arena is a theatre set-up, so it should hopefully still feel intimate like a theatre show but actually you’re in the big arena.”

It’s hard to believe Shane Todd is still only 33 given the air miles he has racked up in the comedy business.

As well as an established fixture on the stand-up circuit for years, he has starred in BBC comedy Soft Border Patrol —while Radio Ulster’s Rave Lockdown was a breath of fresh air during the pandemic.


Shane Todd with Nadine Coyle in BBC NI sitcom Soft Border Patrol

He is also famous for creating many characters which have enjoyed a cult following online, such as North Down posh boy Mike McGoldrick and local football hero Keith Cruise.

But his comedy alter-egos are safely placed in storage and won’t be joining him on stage at the SSE Arena in the coming days.

He said: “I dabbled a wee bit years ago with character stuff and I did enjoy it, but I put stand-up on such a pedestal and I love doing stand-up more than any of the other kinds of things that I do, sketches, radio and acting or anything like that.

“I didn’t want people getting kind of confused about what they were coming to see so I decided to keep it always as stand-up as me.

“I like watching that kind of stuff, The Fast Show was one of my favourite shows growing up and I love playing different characters, but there’s just something about traditional stand-up that is just better than anything for me, it is what I love to do and I just like being myself doing that.”



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