Sexual health expert Samantha Bitty; Activist Garth Mullins


Samantha Bitty is a sexual health and consent educator, speaker, certified Emotional Intelligence coach and social change entrepreneur. She joins the Showgram from time to time to discuss, sex and relationships. On a more serious note, today we discuss the alleged sexual assaults during frosh week at the University of Western Ontario. Learn more about Samantha Bitty at her website or check her out on Twitter and Insta @Samantha_Bitty #sexhealth #consent #sexeducation


Legalize All Drugs! Joining the Showgram to tell us why this is a good idea, Garth Mullins is an activist, writer, award winning broadcaster and musician. He has written for 24 Hours Vancouver Vice, the Vancouver Sun, Georgia Straight,, The Two Row Times, Megaphone, Ricochet, the Huffington Post. His podcast CRACKDOWN is a new, monthly podcast about drugs, drug policy and the drug war led by drug user activists and supported by research. Each episode will tell the story of a community fighting for their lives. It’s also about solutions, justice for those we have lost, and saving lives. Look for it wherever you get your podcasts. #warondrugs #legalize #decriminalize @garthmullins


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