San Diego Weekend Arts Events: Art Produce, Bodhi Tree, ‘The Garden,’ Art +


Our weekend arts picks include a 21st birthday party (and new exhibition) for Art Produce, Bodhi Tree Concerts, art meets science at La Jolla Historical Society, “The Garden” and Burn All Books + Teros.

Speaker 1: 00:00 This weekend in the arts, the LA Jolla Playhouse opens a new commission. There’s a concert from Bodhi tree, a garden anniversary party at art produce and a re-imagined contemporary art space opens in Belle boa park with augmented reality coyotes journey me with all the details is KPBS arts editor, Julia Dickson Evans, and welcome Julia. Hi

Speaker 2: 00:23 Maureen. Thanks for having me. The

Speaker 1: 00:25 New Institute of contemporary arts, San Diego officially opens its bell boa park campus this weekend with a new exhibition and an opening reception tonight. Tell us about it,

Speaker 2: 00:37 Right. This is the merger of lucks art Institute, which was an Encinitas, and they were really focused on bringing, bringing the public and the artists together into the artistic process, through things like residences and education. And then also with San Diego art Institute, which is this big exhibition space, right in Balboa park. And they’re merging together as an ICA Institute of contemporary art. So they’re really looking to invite the whole region into exploring contemporary art and meaningful and more accessible ways. And it’s exciting to see this open up, especially because it adds to the list of museums in bubble park that are free to the public. The first artists on view is Mexican conceptual artists, Gabrielle Rico, and EAs put together this pretty immersive exhibition, full of neon and taxidermy on loan from the Nat and then a lot of stuff that looks like it might be trash. I like every other week ago. And I talked to him earlier this year said that this is his way of making work. That’s significant to a place.

Speaker 3: 01:41 If you see a Coca-Cola bottle, you can define a precise, uh, spacetime situation just because before a certain point in time is very known that the humans cannot have the capacity to manipulate or create less. Another example is a CD or a USB port. You can, uh, construct an history. In my case, I construct pieces of art,

Speaker 2: 02:11 But one of my favorite works is an augmented reality coyote that you can follow around the exhibition. It’s very cute. And my point is that it, it really forced me to interact with the exhibition in a totally different way.

Speaker 1: 02:26 There’s a ticket opening reception tonight at the new ICA San Diego central in bell boa park. That’s from six to 9:00 PM. And then the museum is open Saturday and Sunday from noon to five with free admission. Next step Bodhi tree concerts are celebrating 10 years. Tell us about this performance.

Speaker 2: 02:46 Yeah, this is a collection of so many of Bodie trees. Past collaborators. The list is really long, but Irvin Flores and Rob Thorson, there’s Brendan Winn and Leslie Latham. And then Ken Anderson and Dale Fleming from the Martin Luther king Jr community choir, who we heard this week in our summer music series, we are listening to a clip of Fleming singing, strange fruit with Anderson on piano that they had performed with podiatry

Speaker 1: 03:20 Bodhi tree concerts. We’ll perform Saturday at 7:00 PM at St. James by the SIOP Episcopal church in LA Jolla in theater LA Jolla Playhouse has just opened a new world. Premier play by Charlayne Woodard. Tell us about the garden.

Speaker 2: 03:37 Yeah, this is a Playhouse commission and Charlayne Woodard also co-stars than it. It’s about an aging black mother and her daughter who was played by Woodard and they have been estranged for years and the play is set right when they reconcile. They’re standing at the garden gate and this reunion is far from sweet and easy. The women are fighters and they have years of issues and secrets and history to unpack. But this is not only a beautiful script, but it’s also a really lush set. I’m so excited to see a big theater sets back.

Speaker 1: 04:13 The garden runs through October 17th at LA Jolla Playhouse. This weekend performances are tonight at 8:00 PM and Saturday at two and 8:00 PM. Art produce is a small but mighty art space in north park. And they’re celebrating their 21st anniversary this weekend with a garden party and dance music and poetry performances, as well as a new exhibition. Julia, tell us who all is involved in this.

Speaker 2: 04:41 They’re actually opening this huge exhibition of work of more than 20 artists to celebrate more than 20 years. And it’s all their artists, people who’ve exhibited with art produce or been artists and residents over the years. Uh, there’s really beautiful wire sculpture work from an mage PaperCut from Bhavna Metta, textile work from Katie Ruiz and so much more clients Swanger Alessandra Moctezuma are on the list. And this exhibition will be on view through the end of October, but Saturday nights, garden party is your chance to see it. First. It’s an adults only gala style event, and the tickets are $50 and you’ll be treated to craft food and cocktails poetry from Ted Washington and disco riot will also be there doing some dance performances and also some music from the Sue Palmer quartet. I hope to leave you with Sue Palmer’s soundtrack to a B-movie from her gems volume two compilation.

Speaker 1: 05:58 The art produced garden party takes place Saturday from five to 8:00 PM. Regular free gallery hours are Tuesday through Sunday, noon to 6:00 PM for details on all these events and more, or to sign up for Julia’s weekly arts newsletter go to I’ve been speaking with KPBS arts editor and producer Juliet Dixon, Evans, and Julia. Thank you. Thank you, Maureen. Have a good weekend.


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