Professor Green: ‘I should’ve been dead’ – star’s ‘horrific’ battle for a


“My guts are really good. Touch wood, I’m not suffering a lot of the problems I had on and off throughout my life. I feel a little bit more resilient and quite a lot more robust,” Manderson continued.

“Things feel more consistent. Being consistent enables us to live a life more linear. Everyone strives for happiness but, if anything, the constant should just be [to feel] content. And I feel quite content.”

The podcasts first guest was health and fitness coach Joe Wicks, who admitted that although he eats healthy around 80 percent of the time, he does occasionally have “blowouts” where he craves a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, whole bags of crisps and some cheese and nachos.

Commenting on his own gut health on the podcast, Wicks said: “It feels so gross but it’s such a normal thing and, a normal bodily function, but it’s something that’s so hidden – as it’s flushed straight down the toilet we don’t ever talk about it or think about it, or what’s really going on in your gut.”


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