Podcaster Alice Levine: ‘I’m at the perfect level of fame’


I wish I was a morning person. I used to host the Weekend Breakfast show on Radio 1, so my alarm went off at 4am and I’d hit snooze 78 times.

At the moment I’m working on podcasts My Dad Wrote a Porno and British Scandal, and I recently presented Sex Actually, produced by Louis Theroux. I’m a big fan of his and still find it weird when his name pops up on my phone.

After getting up, I’ll put on a podcast and potter. I have a cup of tea (Yorkshire, of course) with the requisite hipster oat milk, or if I’ve time to spare, which is rare, there’s a nice coffee shop nearby.

I moved into my house in east London in June and the style is a jumble. I’ve got my parents’ old Cesca chairs and I bought some weird paisley armchairs and reupholstered them in red stripes.

I cycle into Soho and eat a bagel in the lift before recording British Scandal. We’ve just done an episode on the canoe con [when John Darwin faked his own death].

I go swimming most days in the reservoir in Stoke Newington. I’m that annoying evangelist who says, ‘Have I told you about swimming in really cold water?’

If I go out, I’m a pub person, not a club person. I’m an introvert and I’m sure showbiz parties are fun but I find them so intimidating. I’m very happy with my level of anonymity as it is right now. I don’t get recognised a lot and when I am, they can’t seem to recall where they know me from. People look at me as if to say, ‘Did you go to school with my brother?’

‘Sex Actually’ is available on All4

My favourite…


The Mystery Show. It’s hosted by Starlee Kine, and she investigates things you can’t find the answer for on the internet… like a decisive account of the height of Jake Gyllenhaal. 

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