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Welcome to the next in the Podcast Showcase series, where we share podcasts with you in the words of the podcasters themselves. This time, we talk to Overcome Compulsive Hoarding with That Hoarder. 

Sum up your podcast in three sentences

An honest podcast discussing the highly stigmatized topic of compulsive hoarding. A person with hoarding disorder talks about her thoughts, feelings and experiences. With some tips and lots of honesty, Overcome Compulsive Hoarding is both an outlet for the host and a source of information and reassurance to others.

Who is your ideal listener? Who loves your show?

Overcome Compulsive Hoarding logo
Overcome Compulsive Hoarding logo

Listeners to the show come from all over the world but mostly the US, Canada, Ireland, the UK, all across Europe and a surprising number from Russia.

They are a combination of people who struggle with hoarding disorder (either their own or somebody else’s), people who want to learn more about it, and – sadly – a few people who want to stare in at the chaos like people passing a horrible car crash who can’t look away.

What made you start this podcast?

Compulsive hoarding is so stigmatized that it is not easy to discuss it in polite society. People immediately think the worst of you if they find out that you are “one of those” people they’ve seen on the TV.

A podcast felt like a good outlet for exploring my thoughts and feelings and sharing a bit of info with others online.

What have you learned about your subject thanks to this podcast?

I’ve learned that there are more of us (i.e. hoarders) than I thought. I’ve learned some new coping strategies and tactics to try and improve both my mindset and my home. And I’ve learned that while some people will always be cruel, others are more understanding than you might expect.

What has your experience of podcasting been? What do you love / hate about the process?

It’s been fun! I’ve taken a break and am in the process of recording a series of new episodes at the moment. I’ve also learned that editing takes a lot longer than you’d think, even if the output still sounds rubbish!

If someone wants to start listening to your podcast, which episode would you recommend they start with? Why?

I guess I’d say start with episode one, which gives some information about how I got to the crisis point I find myself at now. Then work your way through the rest.

Which other podcasts do you love listening to?

A Slob Comes Clean is a good podcast about cleaning and tidying that doesn’t come from a place of near-perfection like many of them do. Away from organizing / tidying topics, I also love You’re Wrong About, Hidden Brain and Ctrl Alt Delete.

If people want to find you online, where can they do so?

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