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EP 141: Exploring the Perspective of Global Members Living and Working in the US

In this SWE Diverse episode, Monica Harrison, the FY22 Chair of the SWE Membership Committee, and Dayna Johnson, the FY22 Society President Elect, discuss Global Membership with the lead of the Global Membership Work Group, Juliana Dagnese, and Larisa Schelkin, who is also from the Global Membership Work Group. Learn more about their background, roles, and unique perspective of being Global Members living and working in the US.

Juliana Dagnese, Lead of the Global Membership Work Group

Juliana Dagnese is a Quality Integration Engineer at John Deere Des Moines Works in Iowa, where her role is supporting the manufacturing quality needs for order fulfillment processes, supplier quality and product delivery process transition within all crop care and special harvesting factories. Juliana completed her engineer degree in Material Science Engineer in 2008 and graduated M.Sc. in Material Science and Metallurgical Engineering degree from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil in 2012. In 2017, Juliana completed a Certificate Program in International Trade and Commerce, Global Business Management at UCLA Extension.

Juliana started her career at John Deere Brazil as a Part Time Student for Supplier Quality Engineering and then, from 2010 to 2016 she worked as quality engineer for multiple projects and processes within the same company, including welding, machining, paint and assembly.  Juliana then moved from Brazil to California, US, in 2017 where she hold her certification with UCLA Los Angeles.

In 2017 Juliana started her career with John Deere in USA as supplier quality engineer for John Deere Des Moines Works before transitioning in 2018 as a weld quality engineer for Cotton, Application Equipment and Tillage new product programs.

Juliana had been a SWE advocate since 2011 when she attended her first WE Conference in Chicago in 2011. Just after that she started a SWE chapter at the John Deere factory that she worked Brazil that lasts up to today and has been growing and significantly impacting the career of many Brazilian engineers and students. In 2019 she got engaged with SWE Membership Committee and since then she has been leading the Global Members subgroup.

Larisa Schelkin, Global Membership Work Group

Larisa K. Schelkin Larisa K. Schelkin is CEO & Founder, Global STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Education Center, Inc. 501(c) (3) nonprofit and President, Global STEM Education Consulting, LLC. Larisa is the author of the Global STEM Classroom® – globally connected teaching and learning model. She develops and runs collaborative global STEM programs with schools in Massachusetts and around the world. Prior to that Larisa held executive positions in academia and global STEM corporations (WPI, WIT, Tufts University; TYCO Electronics Global Corporation). Larisa a Fellow for Education Policy, Rennie Center for Educational Research and Policy & Institute for Education Leadership (IEL), Washington, DC (Class 2015); Larisa studied Global Education and On-line Teaching and Learning at Harvard University Graduate School of Education and Disruptive Innovation at Harvard Business School. She studied Science Diplomacy and Data Governance for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the UN Training and Research Institute. She is a UNITAR Global Diplomacy Initiative Fellow, Class 2021. Larisa is teaching short courses at UNITAR Global Diplomacy on UNEP Global Environmental Outlook, Global STEM Education and NASA GLOBE. She is a NASA GLOBE educator and NASA GLOBE partner since 2014. Larisa Schelkin holds BS and MS in Petroleum Engineering & MS in Computer Science. Prior to moving to Massachusetts, USA, she and her family lived in Russia, India, and Africa.

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