Podcast Corner: Comedy improv with Bang for your buck 


One of the interesting things about podcasts growing up is the archives they build. Blink and suddenly your favourite podcast, which hasn’t stopped releasing weekly episodes even when you took a break from listening, has a daunting amount of episodes to get through. 

Comedy Bang! Bang! is one such show. A cult improvisation comedy show hosted by the acerbic Scott Aukerman, it’s been running since 2009, clocking up 770-plus episodes that regularly hit two hours and an innumerable list of guests, both from the world of comedy (Jason Mantzoukas, Andy Samberg, and Paul F Tompkins are among its favourite regulars) and pop culture at large (Phoebe Bridgers, Edgar Wright, Bob Odenkirk).

The podcast-hosting platform Aukerman co-founded in 2010, Earwolf, was sold as part of Stitcher last year (Stitcher Premium – $4.99 a month – hosts the WTF with Marc Maron podcast archive) and now he has launched Comedy Bang Bang World in partnership with Acast. It offers ‘premium podcast programming’: Exclusive access to new comedy series, ad-free listening, full back-catalogue episodes of Comedy Bang Bang and other shows, and more.

 One of the interesting new shows will be CBB Presents! – new content from friends of the Comedy Bang Bang team, including spin-offs and limited series. It’s reminiscent of The 11th, a “home for in-between ideas” from Pineapple Street Studios, which “publishes an entirely new issue on the 11th of every month”. (Check out the two-parter Time Machine: The Score, about the Fugees; seminal album, hosted by poet Hanif Abdurraqib.)

 Aukerman seems like he’s bursting with ideas so CBB Presents sounds like it will be a vehicle for gestating ideas.

The subscription prices for Comedy Bang Bang World are as you’d expect, $4 or $7 or a month, with annual subs discounted. Aukerman has been on the cusp of podcasting innovation over the past decade and more – don’t be surprised to see more long-running shows seeking to monetise their archives.


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