Online Roadmap Podcast: New Online Courses at WVU


There’s nothing more exciting than embarking on a new adventure. Listen in as WVU Online admissions coaches, Kelly Legg and Gary Phillips, discuss some of the newest online program additions. If game design, accounting, leadership, or the outdoors are of any interest to you, your new online adventure awaits. 


Hi everyone. And welcome to this week’s episode of the Online Roadmap podcast, WVU Online’s own podcast series. And today I’m joined with Gary Phillips and Kelly Leg, and they are WVU Online admissions coaches. And they’re here to tell us a little bit about some of the new programs that WVU online has to offer.

So I’m going to go ahead and kick it off with Gary. If you could tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do at the university. Yeah. My name is Gary Phillips. I’m an admissions coach here at West Virginia university. Online. I work predominantly with students who are interested in the college of education and human services as well as the Statler college and the Davis college.

I really enjoy. A wide variety of programs and those are all degrees that I have a personal connection to. So it’s been really fun to kind of help people get into those programs as well. And communicate via phone call emails, zoom, just to help people get through that initial admissions process.

So that they’re ready to go on the coursework. Great. That’s awesome. Thank you so much, Gary. And Kelly, can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what programs you want? Hey everyone. My name is Kelly Leg, and I am an online admissions coach here at WVU online. I am a graduate of WVU, so very excited to be back at the institution and working.

As far as the programs that I work with, I work with the college of physical activity and sports sciences. The college of creative. I also oversee John Chambers college of business and economics along with the school of public health, the school and the school of nursing. Very cool. Very cool. So I know that you both have some new programs that have been launched through the schools and departments that you guys work with.

So can you tell us a little bit, Kelly if you could just give us a few of the new programs that you’re working with, and then I’ll ask Gary to give his. Sure I can do that. So as far as some of the new programs that we are offering within the college of creative arts, we have a new master’s in game design, which I think sounds really interesting in the college of business and economics.

We have a new doctorate in We also have a human resource leadership master’s degree program in B and E. And then as far as the school of public health, we have a new master’s degree in population health. Nice. Those are some interesting degrees, doctorate in accounting. I don’t know if I could personally do that one, but it sounds interesting.

Well said, thank you for sharing those, Gary, can you let us know what new programs you’re supposed to. Yeah. The Davis college in particular has been doing a lot of expansion with their online programs. They’re now offering a full master’s degree in resource economics and management. And they’re also offering two new graduate certificates, one in GIS and one in sustainable trails, which I’m really enjoying working with because they’re such specialized credentials that the people who.

Find those degrees and the certificates and want to be involved with them. Always have great stories. I get to talk to park Rangers and people in the forest service and it’s just a really fun process to help with. The college of education and human services is doing a lot of expansion as well.

They’re now offering master’s degrees in teacher leadership with a specialization in elementary math and teacher leadership with digital technologies and connected learning, which, you know, is that much more important as more and more things move online. We’re also now offering a bachelor’s degree in early childhood special.

so I’m really excited to be working about that one as well as I love the bachelor’s degrees programs because they opened the doors. So many opportunities for people. Yeah. Very cool. Then the digital technologies and connective learning, I think right now is huge right. With just everything going on.

So those are really, really good programs. So, Kelly, can you tell us a little bit more about each of the programs that your schools are offering about, you know, business and music and all this good, good programs? Sure. I’ll go ahead and start with the ones in B and E. So the doctorate is actually in business administration with a focus in accounting.

So it’s a very in-depth degree plan, which would give exposure in accounting. And a person could go on to, you know, a teaching career. So the candidates that will enroll on that are quite experienced and have, you know, quite a career within that field. And then also within B and E we have the human resource leadership degree plan which I think is going to be really popular, a really good degree to obtain.

The graduates will focus on technical skills as well as people’s skills. And we’ll learn how to improve performance within organizations, and they’ll explore it at all different levels like local state and federal. So again, another great degree to pursue. The one that I really find interesting, and I know nothing about is the game design master’s degree program.

So it’s for game designers that want to basically expand and build upon like conceptual production and management skills. So basically, you’ll learn game design, game theory and game production, and you can specialize and obtain advanced skills in that area. So again, another really cool degree for those, you know, gamers that are out there.

And then the last one within the school of public health is called population health. And it prepares students for a variety of population-oriented leadership, clinical and research-oriented positions, both in healthcare, and then in the public health organizations. And again, we all know how important, you know, healthcare is these days.

So another good degree to, you know, pursue you as far as you know, the health industry. So those are the four new programs that I’m working with. That’s awesome. Kelly. And he liked the point you made there about population health. I think that’s going to be super popular. And just for the programs that you both are talking about.

I think we have a lot of new ones that are really interesting and really relevant to what’s happening now. So that’s really cool. Gary, can you go into a little bit more depth with your new book? Yeah, I’d be happy to just start off with the Davis colleges, new master’s of science in resource economics.

Full master’s degree program, 30 credit hours. It is geared towards people who want to have a hand in policy develop. And I love this degree so much because it just, the approach that they take with things. The curriculum is arranged around the three phases of resource economics and development, where you’re going to learn how to look at a problem, research it, figure out everything that’s involved with.

Analyze the data and not just have an understanding of how it affects the area, but also really learn how to communicate what you have learned to people in land management institutions, public resource agencies, really being able to communicate to them. Why. You know what policy should go in this direction?

I think that’s so practical of an approach. I really, I really like working with it. The certificates that the Davis college is now offering the one in GIS and spacial technologies and the one in sustainable trails are fantastic credentials. If you’re looking to break into a related field or if you’re in a related field and need.

Really specialized credential in that specialized skill development to do the best in your role. The things I…


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