Love2Lead: DHS Leadership class launches teen podcast


The Duncan High School (DHS) Leadership Class of 2021-22 launched their podcast debut with balloons and confetti on Friday morning.

Savanah Bowers, DHS Leadership teacher, said for the past three years she wanted to incorporate a podcast into her curriculum.

“I really felt like my students needed to practice doing more public speaking and was looking for an opportunity,” Bowers said. “We initially set out to collaborate with one of our mentors, but our schedules would never quite aligned.”

According to Bowers, if she wanted to make her dream become a reality, she just needed to jump right in and start it.

“This group of teens will be the perfect ones to launch this idea and make my dreams a reality,” Bowers said.

The DHS Leadership class has 25 students with sophomores, juniors and seniors who will participate in the podcast.

Bowers said as a teacher she would love to see these teens serving their community around them.

“I want the community to see that there are amazing teens who love Duncan and who have hearts to serve,” Bowers said.

With each podcast, leadership students will reinforce the positive.

“Too often, we are completely bombarded by everything negative,” Bowers said. “We want to focus on how to turn those negatives into positives.”

Through the mind of a teenager, a variety of topics will be shared and discussed.

“Although they are 16 and 17 years old, they have wisdom that needs to be shared about topics that they face everyday,” Bowers said. “They want to give our listeners a perspective about what it is like to be a teenager today.”

Students will have the opportunity to be apart of influencing other teenagers, as well as the community through social media by sharing what they are passionate about and positively impacting others.

Crysta Ramirez, DHS senior, said she hopes this podcast is an encouragement to others by “giving the school some advice on stuff that we’ve lived through.”

The podcast will talk about real life issues and experiences, from sharing influential stories to being a change that the world needs.

Some of the topics include mental health, home life and how to be involved in your school and community.

Christian Aviles, DHS senior, said he hopes anyone who listens to the podcast will be able to relate to the speakers.

“A lot of times, there’s not really other people who go through the same issues, especially in school, outside of school, around our age group who voice it out for more people to hear,” Aviles said. “It’s just a good opportunity for everyone to listen in about what we go through.”

Bowers said she hopes this podcast will increase understanding among people.

“My hope is that the podcast helps other teens understand that they can be leaders wherever they are,” Bowers said.

Anna Grace Roberson, DHS junior, said she hopes to remind teenagers at the school or anyone, whether it be elementary or middle school, that they are not alone.

“There is always light in such a dark world that we live in,” Roberson said. “Just always look to the positive side and that they just aren’t alone in these tough times.”

The Love2Lead Teen Podcast went live on Sept. 24, 2021, and the Duncan Leadership Class eagerly awaits getting the opportunity to share their thoughts and experience with the community.

Love2Lead Teen Podcast will launch two episodes each month and listeners can subscribe to Love2Lead Teen Podcast on Apple Podcasts or on Spotify.

For more information or questions about DHS Leadership podcast, follow @dhsleads on Instagram and Facebook and email any topics or suggestions to the leadership class at


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