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It’s a great time for queer science fiction, as our Linden Lewis podcast interview absolutely proves. After the amazing conversation with Charlie Jane Anders about her sci-fi epic, Victories Greater Than Death, we’re back with another awesome interview with another talented author. Author of The First Sister Trilogy, Linden Lewis joins our book editor, Emily O’Donnell, in a great conversation about their inspirations, plans, not to mention surprise exclusively only for the Comic Years Podcast. So check out this Linden Lewis podcast interview to find out when the conclusion of the trilogy will happen.

Who Is Linden Lewis And What Is The First Sister Trilogy?

Linden Lewis podcast interview rebel. Image via Simon & Schuster.

Emily describes The First Sister Trilogy as an epic, queer feminist space opera. And it’s a pretty apt description. The series focuses on the planets of Earth, Mars and others, with a religion, culture and society of their own. But one where women known as Sisters are priestesses who exist to be comfort women to the military. They are rendered mute and removed of all their agency. Lewis has already acknowledged how those elements of the story are a direct influence of the #MeToo movement. But in our Linden Lewis podcast interview, she goes a little deeper as to how it all came about.

Linden Lewis Podcast Interview Features Some Inspiring Moments

While I wasn’t a part of this interview, it was a lot of fun to listen to. Lewis is super fun and very accessible for a best-selling author. Their story about how they got into writing is incredibly inspiring and feels very relatable. Discussing their inspirations and motivations, Lewis goes deep into all their favourite things, books, gaming and much more. Both Emily and Linden do their very best to avoid spoilers for their most recent book, The Second Rebel, and it’s pretty impressive.

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The Second Rebel is now available wherever books are sold.

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