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Confused? Let’s clear up the difference between iTunes and Apple Music.

A few years ago Apple quietly phased out iTunes from its branding, and Apple Music sneaked in instead. But what does that mean – is iTunes Apple Music? In a nutshell, yes.

Apple Music is Apple’s music player and streaming service, first launched as an app in 2015 to compete with streaming services like Spotify.  iTunes stuck around until 2019 when Apple split it into separate apps for music, podcasts, and TV.

If Apple Music replaced iTunes, why does the iTunes Windows app still exist?

Although sometimes still colloquially referred to as iTunes, Apple Music has now replaced the original music app for Mac users, and all media will have been automatically moved over from iTunes.

The confusing part however is that iTunes lives on for Windows users, still available for syncing Apple devices and accessing music libraries. Apple Music exists within iTunes on Windows as a streaming app.

Has selling my music on iTunes changed?

The good news is that nothing is different with regards to releasing music to iTunes. With RouteNote distribution for example, when Apple Music went live tracks by RouteNote artists on iTunes were automatically moved over.

Now when you sign up with us, simply select Apple Music and your tracks will be uploaded.

Every time we partner with a new service, whether that’s a streaming platform or social media company, your music is automatically added. But we’ll always let you do whatever you want with your music; whether that’s changing the stores you upload your songs to or leaving for another distributor; signing to a label; or moving between our Free and Premium distribution options.

With RouteNote you keep all the rights to your music, and if you’re uploading your songs with us for free, that means it will be free forever. Keep 85% of your earnings – or 100% with Premium. No hidden fees.

Find out more and sign up to RouteNote here.


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