“Having Domaine on your wine must be a special moment for Ayesha Curry”: Carmelo


The Curry family are not just about sports – They are interested in high society life as well, their family company Domaine Curry wines being one such example

Wardell “Steph” Curry isn’t just a genius on the court, he is of it as well. What differentiates a good athlete from the rest is their drive to keep moving forward in life, be it business, hobbies or their craft. Steph Curry has done exactly that on all fronts.

A cool family man off the court, his wife and his sister Sydell Curry have opened up a wine company “Domaine Curry wines”. Domaine Curry may not be a household name just yet, or the name directly associated with the type of alcohol like Smirnoff, Jack Daniels or even Avion.

Speaking of Avion, Steph and Carmelo Anthony sounded like Vincent Chase and Turtle discussing investment and taste testing for Avion on Entourage, such is what the vibe was on the podcast, What’s in my glass.

While the ordinary man takes no note of what goes into making a bottle of wine, Steph understood the craft behind it and has the utmost respect for it. A man of many interests, I must say.

Steph also spoke about how he learnt and picked up the knowledge from people in the business. The almost an hour long podcast with all the sound bytes can be found below.

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Steph is not only a great basketball player, he also plays golf too

Steph says he started picking up the sport when he was 8 or 9, following his father to the golf courses in Charlotte, and starting to play full courses when he was 10.

Quite a humble man, I must say, when he says he isn’t that great even after playing a sport for almost 25 years. One hole in one on a  videogame and I’d be strutting around like I was Phil Mickelson, yet this man stays grounded.

He even tried to get Melo on board to shoot a couple of rounds with him. As a fan of both Melo and Steph, this podcast was dope. Melo is turning into quite the podcaster I must say.

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