G. Keith Alexander’s HarlemAmerica Digital Network Helps Black-Owned Companies


New York, NY, November 01, 2021 –(PR.com)– G. Keith Alexander’s HarlemAmerica (harlemamerica.com), a Black-owned multi-platform network headquartered in Harlem, has launched HarlemAmerica Digital Network, a site for Black business-owners who want to host professionally produced podcasts promoting their companies.

“HarlemAmerica is a multi-platform digital radio podcast, live and on-demand TV and Comcast Video on Demand network. I want Black professionals to understand that the HarlemAmerica team can help them build fame, fortune and followers for their personal and business brand through our expertise in marketing and multimedia production,” said Alexander, whose broadcast career started in Harlem.

Alexander is a legendary New York City radio/TV personality, actor, commercial voice-over announcer and popular emcee for major star-studded events. His velvet voice has been on radio since the 1970s. Alexander, who has appeared in commercials and recently acted with Robert DeNiro in “The Intern” movie, is a long-time member of the Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA and has been a popular personality on WBLS, WKTU, KISS-FM and Jammin’ 105.

When entrepreneurs host a business podcast show on the HarlemAmerica Digital Network, they are taught how to host a successful talk show. They receive a radio producer, engineer, social media tools, music, audio editing, marketing tools for promoting the podcast and the opportunity to sell advertising time for their show.

“HarlemAmerica is committed to amplifying Black voices and building communities that support Black businesses,” he said. “It is a support and empowerment network of media professionals that nurture and instruct business owners on the tactics and skills to promote their enterprise.”

The HarlemAmerica website and podcast, hosted by Alexander, features, “Total Black Experience” programming on African American entertainment, empowerment, and health & wellness. Every Friday at 10:00 AM Eastern, he hosts the podcast “What’s Hot! HarlemAmerica with G. Keith Alexander.” The show and the website are the crossroads where culture, lifestyle, and community meet. The site showcases celebrity interviews, engaging articles and a new weekly show, “The Foxworth Theory” hosted by international businesswoman, Eugenia Foxworth. HarlemAmerica’s goal is to launch more shows hosted by attorneys, psychologists, physicians, financial advisors, business-owners and more.

At G. Keith Alexander’s HarlemAmerica TV, a podcast/video entertainment series, there are exclusive interviews with entertainment change-makers Phylicia Rashad, Dionne Warwick, Keith David, Irene Gandy, Gloria Gaynor, Phyllis Stickney, Kathy Sledge, Rolonda Watts, Valarie Pettiford, Miguel Nunez, Sarah Dash and others. The show can be seen on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, mobile apps and online at harlemamerica.com.

“The interview with Sarah Dash unfortunately became a memorial program. She had suddenly passed away before the TV show could air,” said Alexander, “I go way back with Sarah to her days in the phenomenal LaBelle. She was an incredible singer and a wonderful lady.”

“The podcast/TV show is me talking with friends, celebrities and folks I’ve worked with in the entertainment industry. In the interviews we hear their personal success stories,” he said. “Phylicia Rashad and I are old friends. We knew other before “The Cosby Show” and before she married Ahmad Rashad. She’s had an amazing career as an actress and now she’s dean of Howard University’s College of Fine Arts. Phylicia is inspirational!”

In addition, there’s HarlemAmerica Club (HA Club) that plans to offer discounts for select Harlem shopping at Black-owned shops and to HarlemAmerica-produced special events like comedy nights, musical performances, talent showcases and more.

“My web analytics shows the HarlemAmerica website has visitors nationally and globally from China, Japan, England and even Russia,” said Alexander, who also started promoting Harlem tourism on the website. “I think the appeal of Harlem is it’s culture, activities and history. People from around the world visit Harlem and they buy from our businesses. We are talking to the world from the heart and soul of New York.”

For more information, check out harlemamerica.com.


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