FYI: A Bunch Of Your Favorite Celebrities Host Podcasts Now


It seems like eeverrryyy person nowadays has a podcast—your neighbor, your best friend from high school, the grocery store clerk who tells you about it while ringing up your produce. And, look, I get it. Podcasts have had a steady rise in popularity for the last decade, with over half of Americans having listened to one, according to Edison Research. The audio craze makes sense—they’re the perfect companion for commuting, running errands, cleaning, and even working out.

So, yes, while your friend records their Real Housewives recap podcast from the corner of their one-bedroom apartment, they’re not the only ones taking advantage of podcasting: Your favorite celebrities are in on it, too. After all, they already have a built-in audience and can easily interview their famous friends, who also have a built-in audience. It’s a win for everyone, really. Not to mention, listeners presumably get a glimpse into who they are as a “normal” person.

But celeb podcasts go beyond the run-of-the-mill life updates (albeit some do focus on that, like Brandi Glanville’s Unfiltered). Some, like Red Table Talk, facilitate tough conversations. Meanwhile, Armchair Expert takes an anthropological look at life and goes deeper than the traditional interview.

Then, of course, you have the TV rewatch podcasts that have become popular, such as Office Ladies and Drama Queens. The world of celebrity podcasting has a lot to offer, and the best part? Whatever the content, you get to spend hours with your favorite A-listers (and B-, C-, and D-listers, too). Add these 30 best celebrity podcasts to your queue:


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