Friday Round-Up: D.J. Reed Finding Comfort In Right Corner Role


As a full-time starter at cornerback this year, Reed has continued to be a bright spot for a defense that has struggled at times, but appears to be hitting its stride — the Seahawks allowed a season-low 23 points to the Steelers in overtime in Week 6, and followed that up with a new season-low 13 points allowed to the Saints on Monday while surrendering just 304 yards, also their fewest all year.

On Thursday, Reed joined The Huddle with Jake Heaps, Stacy Rost and Dave Wyman of 710 ESPN to discuss the team’s mindset following Monday night’s loss to the Saints, his switch back to playing right corner, and more. Read some of the highlights below, and check out the full podcast episode here.

On the locker room conversation following the loss to the Saints:

“It was tough, as you would imagine. Being in close games and just not finishing — there’s a lot of plays it takes a whole football game — but being so close and playing so well, it’s pretty frustrating to say the least. But we’ve got the right guys in our locker room, so we’re going to keep competing and setting the tone. We’re going to eventually start winning, especially when you look at the turnover ratio — we’re doing good, we’re +3 for the season, which is number 10 in the NFL. We’ve got to just keep doing what we’re doing and just make an emphasis on finishing.”

On how “solid” the defensive back group feels:

“I feel like we’re pretty solid, but I feel like we could always obviously get better. Including myself. I had a big pass interference call on a 3rd & 5 that ended up with [the Saints scoring] three points, and they ended up winning by three. So I look at all the scenarios in which I could’ve been better, and I could’ve played with more clean hands on that play, even though I felt that it wasn’t a good call. But just looking at it, seeing what I can do, just got to be tighter in coverage and playing with better and cleaner hands. But as far as the DB room, I feel like we’re starting to gel together.”

On the switch back to right corner after playing the left side earlier this season:

“I’m just more comfortable in that spot, to be honest with you. When I watch film, I’m comfortable looking more on that side and knowing what I do. And that probably comes from me playing that side when I was at Kansas State, so I’ve been playing that for years instead of the left corner. It’s kind of funny because I didn’t think it would be much of a difference, but playing left corner felt different to me than playing right corner.”

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