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Duration: 03: 03 | 03 October 51

Welcome to our daily “newspaper” with the summary of top technology news. With Canaltech News, in just over 5 minutes, you can find out about the main products launched in the market, the movement of the main companies in the segment, news from social networks, curiosities, geek culture, and much more.

In this issue, we talk about:

Chief of the PlayStation is said to be “frustrated” with the reach of Sony games

  • WhatsApp prepares another basic novelty to facilitate audio recording
  • Pixel 6 has all details confirmed by leaked promotional material
  • Moto G51 leaks with new processor and only 4 GB of RAM
  • Galaxy S prototype22 Ultra boosts new design inherited from the Note line
  • On today’s CT News: of a new WhatsApp feature for those who enjoy recording audios on platform, possible news about the Galaxy S22, Pixel 6, Moto G51 and most.

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    This episode was scripted, edited and hosted by Wagner Wakka. The program featured reports by Igor Almenara, Victor Carvalho, Renan da Silva Dores, Gustavo de Lima Inácio and Felipe Goldenboy. The audio review is by Mari Capetinga.


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