CREEPY Podcast Rings in the Halloween Season with “31 Days of Horror” This


CREEPY, the ultra-popular horror narration podcast, is about to unleash its annual Halloween tradition, “31 Days of Horror.”

Hosted by Jon Grilz, CREEPY, which is part of the Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network, gives voice to urban legends and horror stories primarily posted online, which are known as “creepypastas.” The CREEPY team finds and selects both acclaimed and emerging scary stories posted to Reddit and other horror forums and brings them to life on the podcast. The majority of episodes aren’t explicit, but those that are include trigger warnings based on the story’s content.

To ring in the fifth annual “31 Days of Horror,” CREEPY is going harder than ever to bring the fun and spooky Halloween content. Not only will new stories get posted every single day, but now, for the first time, two stories drop per day, each tale ranging from 5-60 minutes in length.

Stories include creepypastas, urban legends, rituals, confessions, and more! Why one college no longer celebrates Halloween, the truth behind the horrific crimes blamed on an innocent Goth kid, and what it is that’s making the jack o lanterns burn and more! Nearly every tale of terror will center around a fall, October, or Halloween theme. Many of the stories are fully produced with effects and music and voiced by over ten voice actors.

That’s roughly fifteen hours’ worth of free, spooky content to dig into this season.

“I never actually thought the podcast would go beyond the first event. It was largely thanks to the support of Bloody Disgusting and some pretty significant life changes that made me focus on continuing the podcast. Then I blinked, and it was the 5th annual 31 Days of Horror,” Grilz explained in a statement.

Grilz also put a lot of thought into the listener experience beyond the content itself, “We try really hard to make the advertising that appears on the show entertaining, but also know that ads can mess up the flow of story immersion. Last year we used some classic stories from our Patreon content to create a break between the narrations and allow for ads without interrupting the narrations. This year I decided that it wasn’t fair to the patrons who support us to use stories that are exclusive to them, so we are narrating 62 never before narrated stories (as well as 20+ for patrons). It’s a pretty massive undertaking, but we have a great production crew. And it doesn’t hurt that I have a horrible sense of foresight. Though I do have the Costco size bottle of antacid, so that helps.”

The Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network provides a variety of podcast programming related to the horror genre, including other titles such as SCP Archives, Nightmare on Film Street, The Boo Crew, Horror Queers, Knight Light, The Bloody Disgusting Podcast, and the upcoming psychedelic thriller Margaret’s Garden.

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