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Conan O’Brien ended its 28-year broadcast on late-night television when it finished its TBS talk show in June.

That has led to a misunderstanding about his current employment situation.

“Where I go, people say,’Congratulations on your retirement!’ “He said in an interview. “‘Conan crosses the hill and rides a donkey in the fog.’”

In fact, he built a comedy empire in a medium that was as busy and once distrustful as it was on air.

His media company, Team Coco, has produced 10 podcasts, including a new podcast that breaks down all episodes of “Parks and Recreation” hosted by beloved Sitcom stars (Rob Lowe) and writer (Alanyan). increase. O’Brien’s former buddy Andy Richter’s Q & A show, comedian JB Smoove (daily riff on positive wisdom), Nicole Byer (noisy date discussion), Laci Mosley (jump into fraud) There is also a podcast from. And disadvantages).

Team Coco will launch up to six podcasts over the next eight months, including the script sketch comedy show “The Weird Place,” created by the famous Dana Carvey’s “Saturday Night Live” hall.

At the heart of the activity is a podcast where O’Brien has hosted 145 episodes over the past three years. “Conan O’Brien Needs Friends,” he interviewed for a long time about the release of comedians and Bob Newhart to Barack Obama after decades of talk show bunter. “It gives me a connection I hadn’t had before,” he said.

Podcasts provided O’Brien with new comedy gear, deepened relationships with fans, and helped Team Coco fund more podcasts and sign talent.

Clockwise from top left: Andy Richter, JB Smoove, Rob Lowe, Nicole Byer are hosts podcasts from O’Brien’s media company Team Coco.

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“Conan O’Brien Needs Friends” is usually ranked in the top five of Apple’s leading podcasting services in the most popular comedy series. The show accounts for two-thirds of Team Coco’s 13 million monthly downloads. According to Team Coco executives, this will generate more than half of Slate’s total sponsorship revenue and is expected to reach approximately $ 20 million in 2021.

O’Brien devoted most of his adulthood to legacy television, attending “Saturday Night Live” as a writer at the age of 24, followed by “The Simpsons,” a late-night show once held by David Letterman and Johnny Carson. I hosted it. Now at the age of 58, he is moving into an area where he is still betting.

Content-hungry media and tech companies and subscribers are looking for big events in the supersaturated podcasting market that will attract a large number of loyal viewers. In this audio rush headline deal, Ltd

I bought the rights to the interview show “Smart Less” co-sponsored by actors Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes. Spotify technology SA

Obtained exclusive podcast rights from Joe Rogan, actor Dax Shepard, and sex advice host Alexandra Cooper.Sirius XM Holdings Ltd

Stitcher Inc, a podcast producer and distributor. Was acquired. The company also sells ads for hundreds of shows, including Team Coco’s.

In the midst of the industry turmoil, Team Coco executives say they are considering options, from new podcast license agreements to company-wide sales. But they intend to run the brand regardless.

Team Coco CEO Jeff Ross, who has been O’Brien’s Executive Producer since his late-night debut in 1993, said:

The name “Coco” was disseminated by Tom Hanks, who led the audience for the “Tonight Show” and chanted its nickname at O’Brien’s last taping in January 2010. Ten days ago, the host announced that he would resign rather than move with him from the “Tonight’s Show” to midnight. It was his way to end the humiliating process that NBC questioned O’Brien’s popularity and planned to reinstall Jay Leno during the “Tonight Show” time frame. “Team Coco”, as Ross recalls, emerged as a cry for a “fan uprising” rally.

“The silver lining that came from that traumatic, crazy, dark era was an explosion of this support,” O’Brien said. “The moment was, as far as I was concerned, a story of the origin of a kind of superhero.”

“It’s really great that I’m back in the pillow fort and screwed in,” O’Brien said of his role in creating the podcast.

Eric Carter of The Wall Street Journal

Team Coco (formally known as Conaverticals LLC) introduces other comedians in stand-up specials, creates live events and sells products. The company has been distributing video clips of Conan (O’Brien’s TBS show) to YouTube, Facebook and other platforms since 2011, with $ 10 million in revenue expected this year, executives said. increase. The terms of the joint venture with WarnerMedia, which produced “Conan” and owns TBS, shifted at the end of the show and were given to AT & T. Ltd

The split is a passive minority shareholder, and Team Coco can act like a media startup.

In that renegotiation, O’Brien agreed to stand in front of a new television show on Warner’s HBO Max streaming service. But he’s still in the brainstorming stage, talking about streaming shows as if it were ultimately a long-term school homework.

For now, O’Brien is involved in a bohemian routine rather than cranking out a podcast. At Earwolf’s Hollywood Studios, one of Stitcher’s podcast networks, he records in a small room sitting opposite guests at a wooden table covered with graffiti paintings. There is no audience except for a few podcast producers and engineers in the adjoining room. And while the camcorder captures online outtakes and excerpt sessions, it doesn’t require make-up (the part that makes the TV that the famous pale O’Brien says he misses most).

“I’m really happy to be back in the pillow fort and screwed in. But we have two mics in the pillow fort and live in this era when I’m legal.” He said. “It’s a business and a good business, but at this stage of my career, at this stage of my life, it’s also a crazy gift.”

But at first I was skeptical. He was worried that the podcast would be perceived as a step-down, or just a tank. “After years of spending on TV, Conan said,’What if it was canceled?’ Reminds me of Adam Sachs, president of Team Coco, a veteran of several podcast companies. The host is confident that he will be responsible for the fate of the podcast, and in addition, download statistics are not publicly shared like Nielsen TV’s rating.

“It’s a kind of crazy business,” Ross said. “Only you know the performance of podcasts.”

In 2018, Conan O’Brien needs friends, hosts often pursue the same themes as guests. What power drives their ambitions? How they deal with ego and self-criticism. But his constant comedy tangents often make his interviews look like an improvisational routine. In August, when I recorded a podcast at Earwolf Studios with actor and comedian Joel McHale, about 30% of the conversations were serious questions and answers, 70% were fake insults and riffs, and celebrities such as free “stolen goods”. Cannibalism from the trap.

Viewers get O’Brien’s version unchecked by TV time, budget, and language constraints. “They are listening to the writer’s room Conan,” he said.

O’Brien says the president of his media company has caused some television business anxiety in the world of podcasting and asked, “What if it’s canceled?”

Eric Carter of The Wall Street Journal

The show (now with a spin-off where the host interviews fans) also features assistants Sona Movsesian and David Hopping, and podcast producer Matt Gourley. They act as sidekick and foil in his favorite cartoon poses, from mercilessly self-deprecating to fake arrogant. One joke includes O’Brien’s chunky reference to show business and technology, such as describing podcasting as…


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