Center of Gravity: A PlainStory Podcast


A.K.A. Conny Franko

Skateboarding is gritty. In the heartland, it’s defined by do-it-yourself ramps and street skating while the weather allows. It’s a long way from the skateparks of SoCal, but it appeals to rebels and misfits and street punks at the margins of society. Often written off as agents of chaos, Midwestern skateboarders have actually built a community that provides opportunities for at-risk kids to help them embrace their creative energy, on and off the board. But before we get to all that, you have to meet your host: skateboarder and rapper Brenton Gomez, A.K.A Conny Franko. Brenton grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, raised by a single mom who worked hard to put food on the table and a roof over her kids’ head. When he was eleven, Brenton found his uncle’s old skateboard in the basement of his grandparent’s house in South O. And he was in love. CREDITS: Center of Gravity is hosted by Brenton Gomez. This episode was written and produced by Mary Anne Andrei with help from Brenton Gomez. Our executive producer is Chad Davis. Sound design and mixing by Emily Kreutz. Music direction by Chad Davis. Music by Conny Franko, M34NSTR33T, and Zach Smith.


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