Blueprint Mastermind Presents New Educational Podcast as Part of Ongoing Mission


CEO Wes Paul discusses real American success story as an inspiration and blueprint for others

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Blueprint Mastermind began releasing episodes of a new serial podcast to support its ongoing mission to help educate and provide clients the tools needed to craft brighter financial futures. Speaking on various topics related to financial independence, Wes Paul explains how pursuing the American Dream starts with understanding how to build a solid credit foundation. Since Paul moved from being an out-of-work service employee to an educated financial professional with a thriving business in just three short years.

Wes Paul discussed his background and Blueprint Mastermind’s educational goals:

“We hear all the time that financial success is about working hard and having a dream, then making that dream happen. And while that sounds great on a t-shirt, the reality is never that simple. America is still the land of opportunity, but two things are absolutely certain in this economy: If you’re rich to begin with, most doors are already wide open to you. And if you’re not rich, you have to open those doors up yourself. You do so in two ways: by cultivating relationships and getting a financial education. This is just one of the many topics we discuss on the podcast. We always try to keep the information real and accessible to our clients, because they absolutely need solutions they can leverage immediately.”

“If you’re going to teach people how to start walking the road toward some version of financial success, experience is the best guide. And I have plenty of it. Right before the pandemic, I worked as a server. I lived a little extra when I was single and I was accustomed to working hard, assisting customers; that was my life before, and it became my training ground. It paid my bills and helped keep me afloat. But then COVID-19 happened and our business basically closed – laying me and many others off. I had about two grand left to my name and a new baby on the way. So, I was ultimately left without a choice. I had to take a risk and enroll myself in some financial literacy courses.”

Blueprint Mastermind: Financial Independence Starts with Education

“In just a few months, I learned how credit worked and started a business – with friends and family as my first clients. I built a team of skilled folks who could offer a wider range of assistance, each providing their own special expertise. And over the course of three years, my very first company, “Uptrend Credit Solutions,” was born.

“My team is the heart of it: I could never have made it without them. But though the journey was tough, I ended that startup year with a total of 1000 clients and sales in excess of $500,000 – which was amazing. There were times when I felt despair because I had to repeatedly fail just to see how success works. But as my business started building momentum, I started generating new leads and formulating an overarching business strategy. My life is now completely transformed – all due to the power of financial education and relationships. These are the types of skills I routinely provide to my clients and discuss during the podcast.”

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About Uptrend Credit Solutions

Uptrend is transitioning to become a fintech platform that specializes in providing in-depth credit monitoring and education to help underserved individuals and communities understand their options. Uptrend has always believed that anyone can achieve financial freedom by leveraging credit, through the power of education and financial literacy. The path to a brighter financial future begins with good credit. Uptrend can help. Fully licensed, insured, and accredited by the BBB, learn more at:

Although the first business that I created was Uptrend Credit Solutions and Uptrend business, I have always thought to create a worldwide blueprint organization which focuses on financial literacy; to become a role model for people like me that even with empty pockets, I was able to build my business. I wanted to create a space in which people can connect and create inspiration by sharing their personal blueprint.

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