ACP Gautam star Ronit Roy feels that podcasts will gain more popularity now.


After playing the role of a cop in several films such as Shootout at Wadala and Boss and Ugly, Ronit Roy is back in the khaki uniform with ACP Gautam. Only this time, the audience will get to hear his voice as Spotify has launched an original podcast where Ronit, as a police officer, will take listeners on a journey through his career while solving crimes with his team. In an exclusive conversation with, the actor talks about doing a podcast for the first time, his character and more.


Talking about working on a podcast for the first time in his career, Ronit Roy says, “The whole experience was very lovely for me as I did a podcast for the first time. The only audio I have done till now are either voice-overs or film related stuff where you dub. This was interesting for me because I am an audio-visual kind of guy. In a podcast, you don’t have visuals to emote. When you have a visual, there are lots of expressions which are silent. Since the visual is not there, the challenge was to transfer those emotions into voice. Overall, it was a great experience.”

The actor adds that he’s nervous about the kind of response ACP Gautam will get. He says, “I am always nervous before starting a new work because I am excited to know what the audience feels about it. I hold my audience in very high regard and it really matters to me what they think. I truly work for them.”


ACP Gautam is a 10-episode fiction crime thriller and each episode will lure the audience with mysterious murders, robberies, kidnapping, extortion, terror investigations and more. Ronit Roy says, “The entire premise of crime works really well all over the world. I felt that doing crime genre on an audio was very interesting because with every story, we are unraveling a new crime. Doing a new story after every episode was thrilling in itself.”

Ronit’s character, Gautam, is an ACP who has a sub-inspector under him. He also has a team who solve crimes together. “In every episode, you will get to hear new crimes. There is also a personal track, a backstory to Gautam which will be revealed slowly in every episode,” he says.


Ronit Roy feels that dubbing is very different from podcasts. He says, “In dubbing, you have already performed. You have already shot it. You are not creating anything new. You are just trying to match what you already did or you are trying to better it. But podcast is something completely different because you are creating the entire episode from scratch.”

For Ronit, performing on screen is a different experience from recording a podcast. He says, “Here, you don’t have a unit shooting you. You just have an audio script. You can’t see the shot physically so you don’t know which way it’s going. The director just tells you where he will be putting the effects, the footsteps etc. The audience will imagine the entire scene being played out. The scene that I have pictured in my head, I hope the audience also sees it that way.”


Ronit Roy feels that podcasts are a raging hit among the audience now and it will gain much more popularity in coming days. He says, “I got to know that audio such as podcasts or songs are gaining a lot of popularity now. People like to close their eyes, sit and relax while listening to something. There are a lot of young people who listen to podcasts such as inspirational stories, drama series etc. If that is the initial kind of reaction to audio, we have just begun. I think this will grow more now.”


There are rumours surrounding the actor’s participation in Bigg Boss 15. Addressing that, Ronit clarifies, “I do not know how that has happened. I have been getting innumerable calls from people asking me not to do the show. Some are even cheering for me saying we want to see you in the house every day and we will vote for you. I don’t know where such news comes from. I have never spoken to anyone about it so I don’t know who these sources of the channels are. It’s a complete mistruth.”

Ronit Roy is currently working on Shamshera. Directed by Karan Malhotra, the film stars Ranbir Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Vaani Kapoor. The actor says that he is looking forward to the release of the film. He is also a part of Vijay Deverakonda’s Liger. Ronit reveals that he will start shooting for a new show soon, which is a prequel to Baahubali.

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