10 Best Sports Podcasts Hosted By Athletes


Over the past 10 years or so, podcasts have gone from a relatively niche medium to a mainstream form of entertainment. There are countless podcasts for every interest, hobby, and fandom, including sports. And as the medium has gained wider acceptance, many athletes and former athletes have launched podcasts of their own.

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With a variety of podcasts in the sports genre, many of the best podcasts of all-time are hosted by well-known athletes who now provide valuable insight into their areas of the sports world. Ranging in focuses from the NFL to the NBA, there’s a show for every sports fan.

10 The Pat McAfee Show

Hosted by former Indianapolis Colts punter and current WWE color commentator Pat McAfee, this podcast has made a name for itself in the sports world due to McAfee’s takes on sports news as well as his rapport with his employees, affectionately termed “The Boys.”

Having originally been a part of the Barstool Sports podcast network, the show now airs on Sirius XM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio channel. Recent guests have included former Disney Channel star Jake Paul and the UFC’s Dana White.

9 Call Him Papi

Jared Carrabis speaks with David Ortiz

With a name inspired by the popular podcast Call Her Daddy, this podcast is co-hosted by Barstool Sports blogger Jared Carrabias and MLB icon David Ortiz. Each episode is centered around a specific player who made their mark in the annals of sports history, attempting to show a different side to them than is usually seen.

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Call Him Papi is still a very new podcast with only a few episodes under its belt, but it promises to be a go-to for any sports fan. So far, the show has already featured some high-profile interviews with superstars such as the NFL’s Rob Gronkowski and Yankees legend Alex Rodriguez.

8 All The Smoke

Lou Williams, Matt Barnes, and Stephen Jackson talk on All The Smoke

Hosted by NBA veterans Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes, this podcast offers a funny and insightful look into the NBA of the past as well as the present. Two of the most controversial players of their time, the hosts are unafraid to speak freely and say what they really think about various NBA-related topics.

Produced by Showtime Networks, the video version of the podcast is available on the Showtime Basketball YouTube channel. Meanwhile, the audio-only version is available on every major podcast streaming platform. Past guests have included Steel and Kazaam star Shaquille O’Neal, Dwyane Wade, and the late Kobe Bryant.

7 The Old Man And The Three

The hosts of The Old Man And The Three speak with Kevin Durant

Another NBA-themed podcast, this one follows NBA veteran JJ Redick and Tommy Alter as they discuss various developments happening in the league today through the eyes of both the executives and the players. With a long career in the NBA,…


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