10 Best Podcasts Hosted By Musicians


The popularity of podcasts was sudden and explosive, and this form of media doesn’t look like it’s going to fade into the darkness any time soon. There are also many podcasts made by musicians, many of whom have been surprisingly great and engaging hosts.

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Many of these musicians talk about the history of music in their podcasts, but some delve into maintaining mental health in the industry. Others interview guests or even share a meal with them. The most interesting ones here are worth a listen or two.

10 Metal Up Your Podcast

Split image of the logo and hosts of Metal Up Your Podcast.

Relient K drummer Ethan Luck and musician Clint Wells have dedicated Metal Up Your Podcast to dissecting and analyzing the legendary band Metallica, and not just their music.

The duo pore over interviews by band members, individual live performances, song meanings and more. The drummer and his friend are often visited by the members of Metallica’s crew and some other musicians, as well.

9 Going Off Track

Split image of logo and hosts and guests of Going Off Track.

Currently hosted by another drummer, Benny Horowitz of The Gaslight Anthem, and music producer Brad Worrel, Going Off Track has a distinctive self-proclaimed “living room conversation” vibe, inspired by the conversations that musicians would have during set up times and behind the scenes.

Some of their very notable guests have been long-time Taylor Swift collaborator (whose songs have featured in movies and TV), Jack Antonoff, along with Fred Armisen, Fat Mike, Laura Jane Grace, Keenan Thompson, Blake Schwarzenbach, and many more.

8 Table Manners With Jessie Ware

Jessie and Lennie eat at a table.

Electro-soul and post-dubstep vocal artist Jessie Ware created Table Manners with Jessie Ware with her ebullient mother, Lennie. The two have a cozy dinner or lunch sit-down with guests like Nigella Lawson, Riz Ahmed (an actor whose musical talent rivals his acting), MIST, and Loyle Carner.

The conversation ranges from food and what they want to eat next to Lennie asking hilarious questions and some industry talk with musician guests.

7 Alice Cooper’s Vintage Vault

Legendary rocker Alice Cooper’s Vintage Vault podcast is a gold mine of interviews with rock greats and some classic rock conversations, with the initial episodes being all about the iconic Ozzy Osbourne (who’s even made quite a few movie cameos), Brian May and Slash.

For lovers of rock, Cooper also serves up some curated radio to listen to, his latest being Halloween special tunes on his radio segment “Nights with Alice Cooper.”

6 Awsten + Travis’ Slumber Party


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